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Visitor Restriction Update – January 2022

Dear families and carers,

We continue to be guided by Public Health advice and our facilities are still in lockdown to visitors due to the extremely high rates of COVID in the community.

We continue to focus on each resident’s wellbeing. Our Wellbeing team are conducting daily wellbeing checks to ensure we’re continually assessing mental wellbeing, offering emotional support along with a variety of activity resources. Any residents who need additional support are being referred to our Social Support Co-ordinator for individual visits. Unfortunately, we still don’t have a date when the lockdown will end due to the escalating risk in the community. We’re also aware that NSW Health may announce new restrictions in the coming days.

We are continuing to offer Zoom and FaceTime calls. We’re very pleased to see lots of families utilising this service, and really encourage you to try it if you haven’t already. We’ve had lots of positive feedback how beneficial Zoom calls are to residents and families alike. If you don’t have a computer at home, you can download the Zoom app to your phone and our staff are happy to provide some tips if you need help. If you would like to book, please use the following links or contact your Wellbeing Co-ordinator for other options.

Don Leggett House

Maddison 4344 9199 ext. 711

Pam Palmer House

Pat 4344 9199 ext. 703

Pozieres House

Judy 4344 9199 ext. 702

We’re also pleased to say that we’ve had a great uptake of our resident email service as well. It’s very comforting for residents to receive these messages and many have been keeping the emails and re-reading them. All families are welcome to email: . The emails will be forwarded to our Wellbeing team who will print and distribute the message to your family member. Our team will be happy to read the message to your loved one if they support with this. It would be appreciated if you could put the resident’s name, room number and building in the subject line.

In order to continue to minimise the risk to our residents, our staff are continuing to complete a rapid antigen test before coming into work each day and are wearing personal protective equipment.

We thank you for your cooperation and support of our visitor management practices.

Kind regards

Colin Osborne

Chief Executive Officer

Peninsula Villages