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Peninsula Villages welcomes new bus to Enhance Lifestyle Program

Peninsula Villages is thrilled to announce the arrival of a brand-new bus in June 2024. This exciting addition to their facilities underscores their commitment to resident wellbeing and fostering a vibrant, connected community.

The new bus will provide residents with increased opportunities for social outings, community engagement and participation in enriching activities. Regular trips will be organised to explore local attractions, visit shops and cafes or simply enjoy scenic drives around the beautiful Central Coast.

“We understand the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle and social connections for our residents,” says Colin Osborne, CEO of Peninsula Villages. “This new bus will significantly enhance our leisure and lifestyle program, supporting residents to continue enjoying a vibrant life.”

This new 12-seater bus replaces a much older bus that has not actually been in service for some time now, so its arrival is eagerly anticipated by both residents and staff. Peninsula Villages is confident that it will become a valuable asset, fostering a sense of community and enriching the lives of those they serve.

The bus will be fully accessible for residents that mobilise in wheelchairs, with special features to cater to residents with specific needs. The bus has a lift mechanism, so that residents who are in a wheelchair are able to stay in their wheelchair and be lifted into the bus. The bus also has very comfortable seating for mobile residents and will ensure a safe and enjoyable journey for all residents. Peninsula Villages is dedicated to providing a comprehensive and inclusive environment, and the new bus reflects this commitment.

Peninsula Villages would like the community to know that the new bus is a great volunteer opportunity, and they would welcome some assistance in accompanying residents on various trips. Please contact Peninsula Villages for information on volunteering.