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Scouting Sweethearts Celebrate 73 Years of Love

Love blossomed young and continues to bloom for Donald and Shirley Auburn, residents of Pozieres House at Peninsula Villages. They recently marked an incredible 73rd wedding anniversary on 3rd February, and today, on Valentine’s Day, join fellow residents in a celebration filled with music, a happy hour and the spirit of love.

Donald and Shirley’s love story began not with a grand gesture, but with shared adventures in a Sydney scout club. A spark ignited amidst knots and campfires, and their connection deepened after Donald’s return from his time in the Interim Army in Japan following World War II. He’d faithfully cycle across the city from Leichhardt to Birchgrove to meet Shirley.

Together, they built a life filled with milestones – saving for their first home, exchanging vows in 1951 and raising two children, Stephan and Louise. Their journey took them to Canberra and then, in 1966, on an exciting adventure to Malaysia for two years, where they embraced new cultures and created cherished memories.

Retirement brought them to Erina, where they embraced an adventurous lifestyle, enjoying independence for over 20 years. Even as they eventually transitioned to care at Peninsula Villages, their love remained a constant, built on mutual respect, understanding and a shared love of laughter. “The secret?” they share, “Give and take, and always have a laugh together!”

Today, as Peninsula Villages celebrates Valentine’s Day, Donald and Shirley’s story serves as a reminder that love is a journey, not a destination. It’s about finding joy in the everyday, cherishing shared moments and keeping the spark alive with a touch of adventure, even in the later chapters of life.