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Random Acts of Kindness

After working in aged care facilities across Australia and the UK, Nicola Burton, the Executive Manager – Quality and Organisational Development, was glad to return to Peninsula Villages and her time away only confirmed how special Peninsula Villages is.

“Not long after I came back, I was told a story of a resident who had recently moved into her new home here. She had lost someone special to her and was feeling alone. Every day our staff bought her flowers from the garden to help her settle in. I was really moved by this story and it made me reflect that staff at Peninsula do these things all the time. Not for any other reason, but because they care. This is what makes Peninsula Villages special,” said Ms Burton.

The management team decided that they wanted to do something to recognise and reward staff who go and do that little bit extra, take time out of their day or their break to spend extra time with residents who need a bit of extra support or a COVID-safe hug. We want to celebrate all the special things our staff do, just because they genuinely care for our residents.

Residents and their families and staff are encouraged to nominate a staff member for their Random Acts of Kindness (#RAOK) and they will receive a small gift. We can’t wait to share all the amazing things our staff are doing with the community.