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Peninsula Villages Reminds Us to Connect With the Ones We Love Ahead of Mother’s Day

Peninsula Villages is celebrating Mother’s Day on Sunday with a special morning tea and activities planned across all residential communities to honour the achievements and efforts of the mums and motherly figures who call the organisation home.

For team member Sue Bagnell, Mother’s Day at Peninsula Villages is extra special as her mum, Patty, lives onsite in Pam Palmer House. Sue has worked at the leading aged care provider for almost 15 years and after experiencing Peninsula Villages’ happy, friendly and safe environment firsthand, she decided to move her mum.

“I knew Peninsula Villages would be a great place for mum to live almost immediately after starting my role here. All the staff go above and beyond to ensure the residents feel safe and comfortable, so I loved the idea of my mum receiving this level of care and attention,” Sue explained.

Mother’s Day is a designated day for acknowledging and celebrating the influence of mothers in our community, but according to Sue, we should be doing this every day.

“One of the best things about working at Peninsula Villages is being able to pop in and visit mum on a daily basis,” Sue said.

“Throughout my life, mum made countless sacrifices to provide me with love, care and opportunities so now that she’s in the later stages of life, I want to provide her with the same and working here allows me to do that.”

Sue admits that watching her mum receive the comfort and support that she does from her team members allows her to feel at ease.

“Knowing mum is safe, in good company and enjoying village life is what’s most important to me. She is a happy soul and when I watch that shine through every day, I know she’s in the right place.”

Ahead of Mother’s Day, Sue and Patty agree that connections with loved ones are what matter most and want to share an earnest reminder to foster those connections on Sunday and regularly.

“Life is short and when it comes down to it, the connections with the people who you love are what matter,” Sue explained.

“Don’t forget to tell the people you love that you love them,” Patty added.

Sue is among several team members who have their parents residing at Peninsula Villages and encourages people to consider employment in aged care.

“Working here allows me to make a difference in the lives of people who are just like my mum, which is an amazing feeling and one I strongly recommend to people of all ages,” Sue concluded.