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Visitor Restriction Update – June 2021


Dear family members and contacts of residents at Peninsula Villages,


We are pleased to inform you that the visiting restrictions to Peninsula Villages have been lifted and that Pam Palmer House, Don Leggett House and Pozieres House are now all open to visitors.


*We do ask that if you are unwell at all, please do not visit and please ensure that you have received your Influenza Vaccination and can provide the evidence when you visit.


Please check the NSW Department of Health website for the latest updates regarding Covid-19:


There are new close and casual contact locations in Western NSW in Gillenbah, Forbes, Dubbo and Moree associated with people who have recently travelled from Victoria into Queensland.

The state of Victoria is currently considered an affected area and there are new places of high concern.


Staff and visitors must not enter the facility at all if in the last 14 days they have been in


This information can change rapidly so please check the web at least daily for updates.


If you have any questions please contact your Facility Manager.