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Beatrice ‘Biddy’ Abrahams turns 104 years young

Peninsula Villages resident Beatrice “Biddy” Abrahams has celebrated her 104th birthday on 24 February surrounded by friends that have become like family. She is the eldest member of Peninsula Villages’ resident community, closely followed by a further nine centenarians who call the Village home.

While Biddy mostly keeps the wonder of her younger years to herself nowadays, she oft times reminisces about her time in the Women’s Land Army – an organisation that was formed during the Second World War to combat rising labour shortages in the farming sector.

Her service commenced in 1941 where she was tasked with riding a bike around the area to various farms and delivering the mail.  However, given that she had never been taught to ride a bike, the every-resourceful young woman she found herself a horse and says she enjoyed “being back in the bush”. She refers to her time in the Women’s Land Army as her life’s biggest achievement.

It was following her service that she married her husband of 50 years, Eric, who passed away a few years ago. The newly-weds lived near the city where Biddy worked in the David Jones warehouse packing shelves – a skill that she has implemented into her daily life, taking great pride in her bedroom drawers being perpetually neat and tidy.

However, growing up in the Country meant that Biddy craved more space and freedom than was afforded to them closer to the city, and they moved to Umina in the early ’80s where they enjoyed the sea-change and fresh air.

It’s these aspects of Peninsula Villages, namely the open gardens and abundant facilities, that Biddy loves the most.

“Peninsula Villages feels like my own home – the staff and all my fellow Residents have become my family, and I couldn’t be happier living here,” said Biddy.

“There is lots of space for me to enjoy some quiet time or I join in one of the activities that are on offer.

“Sometimes I enjoy socialising with the ladies at a lovely morning tea, and other times I sit and knit or crochet patterns that I have made with my own measurements,” she continued.

Peninsula Villages Chief Executive Officer, Shane Neaves, shared how Biddy’s zest for life and perpetual smile are contagious to everyone she meets.

“Biddy is definitely one of the big character’s here at the Village. Her cheeky antics – as seen on Sunrise with Sam Mac last year – make her one of the Village’s most beloved Residents,” said Mr Neaves.

“She has a lot of energy and wit hidden behind her 104year old façade, and we all know there’s never a dull moment when our delightful young Biddy is around,” he continued.

To celebrate Biddy’s milestone birthday Peninsula Villages staff organised a big party at Peninsula Village where she enjoyed some social time with her friends, complete with birthday cake and balloons.