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Updated NSW Health Advice – Updated 7 October 2021

As of 7 October 2021

Dear Residents and Families,

IMPORTANT – at 11.20am on Thursday 7 October, the NSW Ministry of Health issued a much anticipated update to the Residential Aged Care Health Orders.

Your need to read this carefully as it has information regarding the next few days from TODAY and then what is EXPECTED to happen from next Monday 11th October, for which we are waiting on an extra announcement.

As a Residential Aged Care Facility, we are obliged to follow the directions as set out by NSW Health
which DO NOT always match the guidelines set for the community. Whereas the roadmap has
indicated visiting to aged care facilities may resume from Monday, we are waiting on further
direction from NSW Health on how this is to occur and to what extent our obligations are in
supporting residents to see their family, whilst keeping them safe from a potential
outbreak, should visitor enter that is positive for COVID-19.

The following advice is directly from the NSWS Health Department – that Peninsula Villages MUST follow.
This advice , that was received by us at 11.20 am yesterday, will be updated Monday 11th October.
After we receive that further updated information PVL will immediately send out another update to the information below.
We completely understand the probable frustration and anxiety these continual changes must be causing you and your loved ones.
We share those feelings and will do our utmost to advise you as soon as we can regarding the opening up of PVL to visitors.

Visitors – As at TODAY until Monday 11th October

All facilities must:
• In stay at home areas, [ that at present includes Peninsula Villages on the Central Coast] until 11 October, exclude all visitors except those providing essential caring functions and end of life visits.
• ensure that all visitors wear a surgical mask. For reasons when masks can be removed please see Additional Advice.
Visits may be permitted in either the resident’s room or an outside area but not in any inside communal areas.
Two visitors per day are allowed in residential age care facilities for areas not currently under stay at home orders [which DOES NOT include Peninsula Villages] , provided they have not been to any stay at home area in the last 14 days.

From 11 October, all visitors aged 12 years and over to all aged care facilities must have received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine as least 14 days prior to their visit unless they can provide a COVID-19 medical contraindication certificate or the visit is for end of life.

Therefore, if you live within the Central Coast LGA the above NSW Health Order information applies to you.

Children under the age of 12 will not be permitted to enter an aged care facility.

Visitors must not enter an RACF at all if they:

• have been to any close, casual or monitor for symptoms locations in NSW OR Victoria, Queensland, and the Australian Capital Territory OR New Zealand in the last 14 days
• have been in a stay at home area in the last 14 days and are not an essential visitor
• have COVID-19 symptoms
• are a close contact of a person with confirmed COVID-19 and are within their isolation period.
• live in a household with a person who is currently isolating.
• are waiting for a COVID-19 test result.

Residents– As at TODAY until Monday 11th October

Residents currently under stay at home Orders [ that at present MEANS Peninsula Villages on the Central Coast]

Residents are permitted to leave the facility either by themselves or with a friend or relative to exercise (go for a walk) or for outdoor recreation provided they:
• remain within 5 km of the facility or within their LGA
• are vaccinated. Residents who are vaccinated can attend an outdoor gathering in a public space of up to 5 people for outdoor recreation so long as all those at the gathering aged 16 years or over are fully vaccinated
• wear a facemask or carry a medical certificate or other written evidence signed by a registered health practitioner or a statutory declaration by the person saying they have a physical or mental health illness or condition which prohibits them from wearing a facemask

Once again, we greatly appreciate your understanding and patience – we will provide you with the next update AS SOON AS WE RECEIVE IT from the NSW Health Department.

This has been a long, unifying journey of understandable worry, anxiety and frustration – that we have all shared as a journey together as one community.

We are now nearly there with over 70% double vaccination announced for NSW. We just need to receive the NSW Health Order Update.

I would like to thank everyone for playing their part in this journey and keeping everyone as safe as we have been able to do.

Yours sincerely

The Board, CEO, Executive, and the very caring dedicated staff that look after your loved ones every day.