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Flu vaccinations a must this season

We are gearing up to further protect our residents and staff by rolling up our sleeves this week for our annual flu vaccinations here at Peninsula Villages.

Aged care providers in Australia have done an outstanding job of preventing the spread of the Coronavirus thus far, with many, like us, tightening infection control protocols and mitigating risk by limiting visitors.

Yet despite all our hard work combating this pandemic, the threat of an upcoming flu season looms as another monumental challenge when our resources are already stretched beyond belief.

All Peninsula Villages aged care workers are receiving their flu vaccination now ahead of the season in a bid to protect themselves and our residents in their care.

This comes as a reminder that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government has issued advice that along with staff members, all visitors into aged care facilities will need to be vaccinated by 1 May 2020 in order to visit loved ones.

Now is the time to book yours in. Contact your GP or local pharmacy to book! Together, we can protect our most vulnerable.