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Improving mental stimulation with BrainTrainer device

While Peninsula Villages’ exercise programs keep their residents physically active, the recent purchase of a BrainTrainerPlus machine at the residential aged care village will now ensure resident’s minds also receive a workout.

Following an application for the innovative device through ClubGRANTS last year, which resulted in a generous donation from Everglades Country Club and Woy Woy Leagues, the Village is now using the BrainTrainerPlus as a means of stimulating the cognitive capabilities of its residents through the power of games and puzzles.

Originally created in the Netherlands, the BrainTrainerPlus is built on theories of play therapy for people who are ageing or experience dementia, alzheimer’s, depression or lack of intellectual stimulus – all of which are particularly prevalent in residential aged care.

“We had extensive consultation session with our RNs and Care Service employees to weigh up whether this device would be beneficial for our residents, and the overwhelming response was that it would really add to our existing lifestyle activities,” said Peninsula Villages CEO, Shane Neaves.

“This is a purpose-built device for people of all ages, motor skills and cognitive function. It’s slightly larger than a regular PC and is quite easy for our residents to use as it is a touch screen,” he added.

Pre-installed games include those that provoke short and long-term memory skills, those that require a level of thought to work out the answer and those that stimulate intellect, motor skills, memory and old-fashioned playtime.

Despite only recently being installed at Peninsula Village and being available to residents, Shane believes that staff are already noticing the difference the innovative device is having in their lives.

“The technology is designed to encourage social integration as well, and we’re seeing many of our residents enjoying the games together and our lifestyle team members are using it in our Main Hall linked to the TV for group activities,” said Shane

“We’ve already noticed that the BrainTrainer is helping residents reminisce, talk about the good old days and gives them a sense of accomplishment. They feel rewarded when using it and it is stimulating interaction and competition amongst friends”, he continued.


Through the ClubGRANTS scheme last year, Everglades Country Club donated $3,500 and Woy Woy Leagues donated the remaining $1,000 for the purchase of the device, that was crucial to funding the BrainTrainerPlus for the not-for-profit residential aged care organisation.

“These clubs have been great supporters of Peninsula Villages for a number of years. We have benefited from their generosity in the past through the ClubGRANTS program and are very grateful for this latest contribution which is improving the quality of life for our residents,” continued Shane.

“Without their assistance we wouldn’t be able to purchase equipment like the BrainTrainerPlus, so they are directly contributing to the improved health of older aged residents on the Peninsula."