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COVID-19 / Corona Virus Information

Information for Residents

Peninsula Villages is working actively to ensure a safe environment for our residents and staff, due to Coronavirus.

Further to the Prime Minister’s measures announced yesterday, Peninsula Villages will be ceasing external excursions, this includes bus shopping trips, in order to practice social distancing.

Other activities that require large gatherings are being reviewed to reduce numbers. This includes activities such as bingo and exercises.

Further information regarding these timetables will follow.

Shane Neaves - Chief Executive Officer


Changes to Visitor Procedures

Peninsula Villages is working actively to ensure a safe environment for our residents. The latest Commonwealth advice has imposed the following restrictions on visitors for stronger protection against COVID-19 which Peninsula Villages endorses:

  • No entry to all people (visitors, staff, contractors) who have been overseas within the past 14 days.
  • No entry to all people who have been in contact with COVID-19 within the past 14 days.
  • No entry to all people with fever or flu-like symptoms.
  • No entry to school groups.
  • No visits by children under 16.
  • After 1 May, no entry to all people who have not had an influenza vaccination.
  • Short duration visits by family and friends of residents.
  • Maximum of two visitors at one time per day.
  • Visitations to be conducted in a resident’s room or outside – not in indoor public places.
  • No large groups of gatherings of visitors or residents.
  • Practice social distancing of 1.5m.
  • For end-of-life residents, RACFs have discretion for visitors on a facility by facility basis.
  • Additional Measures

    We have also taken the following measures additional to those announced by the Prime Minister:

  • We are restricting visiting hours and (all visitors on weekends must present to Pam Palmer House Reception prior to entry to any building):

    Mon - Fri

    8:00am – 4:00pm

    Sat and Sun

    8:00am – Noon

  • Visitors to Don Leggett House need to present at the Pam Palmer House Reception prior to entry to Don Leggett House.
  • temps

  • No more than two visitors at a time.
  • On entry to the service you must have your temperature taken and complete the declaration to acknowledge that you have not been overseas recently or in contact with any person with COVID-19 or that you have any influenza-like symptoms.
  • You must wash your hands on entry to the service with the provided hand sanitiser and on exit.
  • Visits should be short in duration.
  • No children under 16 to enter the service.
  • Practice social distancing of 1.5 metres between people, preferably visit in your loved ones’ unit or somewhere away from others. (For Jack Aldous House we understand the difficulty with this.)
  • Please feel free to use the wonderful new garden environment we have created.
  • External excursions have been cancelled due to the inability to practice social distancing on the bus.
  • Internal activities are being reviewed with a view to the number of people in a gathering and how social distancing can be practiced during the activity. This is mainly in relation to exercises and activities such as bingo.
  • From the 1st May visitors will need to provide evidence that they have received an Influenza vaccination prior to entry to the service.
  • Thank you for your patience and adhering to the policy we have put in place in order to keep your loved one and our staff safe.

    If you believe you have special circumstances, please call 02 4344 9199 during business hours to speak to myself or Melinda Dempsey (Executive Care Manager) or Jackie Bennett (Executive Operations Manager).

    Shane Neaves - Chief Executive Officer