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Coronavirus & Infection Control Procedures

Coronavirus presents a challenge for all involved in providing care to vulnerable people, including the residential aged care sector. The Coronavirus situation is evolving, and as we move toward the 2020 influenza season, Peninsula Villages is working in collaboration with the Commonwealth, the aged care sector, state and territory public health authorities, and the healthcare sector as part of our Coronavirus planning and preparedness activity.

Peninsula Villages acknowledges its role in infection control and being prepared for health emergencies. We are ready, and of course, have plans in place to assess the risk of, and take steps to prevent, detect and control, the spread of infections. Infection management practices, such as isolating infectious individuals and applying standard precautions to prevent transmission, minimise the risk of infection spreading.

Peninsula Villages has effective infection prevention and control programs that are in line with national guidelines. As well as implementing an infection control program, we also have established protocols in place to manage any health emergencies that arise, including service-wide infection outbreaks or broader community epidemics. While the number of cases of Coronavirus is currently small in Australia, it is possible that this situation could change and services are prepared for this.

For further information on the public health management of COVID-19 is available in the Communicable Diseases Network Australia (CDNA) National Guidelines for Public Health Units in the Series of National Guidelines (SoNGs) - click here.

Factsheets and resources specifically for aged care staff, residents and families that provide advice on measures to limit transmission of the virus are available on the Department’s website - click here.


A 24-hour National Coronavirus Health Information Line available on 1800 020 080. The line provides health and situation information on the COVID-19 outbreak.