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Gordon Briggs joins 100 club

Peninsula Villages resident Gordon Briggs has today on 27 May,  joined one of Australia’s fastest growing clubs, celebrating his 100th birthday. He is the latest member of Peninsula Villages’ resident community to reach the milestone with Biddy, 102, Frances and Norma, 101, and recent centenarians Joy and Phyllis all part of the ‘100 club’.

Like many centenarians, Gordon has lived an extraordinary life, raising a family, travelling, playing cricket and rugby union, buying and selling several properties and thoroughly enjoying fishing and boating while living on Mosman Harbour. He also had a great career as a Chartered Accountant and eventually worked his way up to be on the Board of Directors. Nowadays, Gordon’s favourite things to do include watching the stock market and enjoying the activities at the Village that keep his mind active.

Gordon enjoys reminiscing about years gone by and had a good laugh at how different things are these days to that when he was working. While accountants now are able to rely on computers, “I had to do it all in my head,” he said with a laugh.

The addition of Gordon this week means that the ‘100 club’ at Peninsula Villages has doubled in size since the beginning of the year, with Joy joining in February and Phyllis joining not long after in March. The oldest and perhaps cheekiest of the club is Biddy who turned 102 in February.

Peninsula Villages Chief Executive Officer, Shane Neaves said that with history and research suggesting females are far more likely to make it to 100, it is nice to see a male join the club.

“The club has grown quickly this year and Gordon is a welcomed addition to the group,” said Shane.

“People are moving into aged care at a much later age and therefore we are seeing many more residents reach the big milestone 100th than we used to 15 or 20 years ago,” he added.

The ladies and now gentleman of the ‘100 club’ said that life does get tougher as you get older as you begin to outlive family and friends and your body doesn’t want to keep up with your mind. But they don’t let this stop them from having fun and laughing together.

“Now that I am the first male to join the club, I will make sure I keep these ladies in order and on their toes”, said Gordon.

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Biddy argued this point adding, “I’ll run rings around him. At this age I have worked out that the secret to a long life is staying cheeky and being in the Australian Women’s Land Army as a youngster means I am sharp as a tack,” she said.

Phyllis believes her secret to a long life is “never drinking or smoking and watching what I eat”. While for Joy it seems to be in her blood as her mother also made it to 100, which was quite a rarity for that era.

To celebrate Gordon’s milestone birthday his family have organised a big party at Peninsula Village on the weekend with local residents, his growing family and some old friends from Sydney.