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Resident Barb Simpson writes a novella

Peninsula Villages resident Barb Simpson has written a novella about her life, shining a light on some of the difficulties she had growing up and how they have shaped her into the woman she is today.

Barb’s 20-page story goes back as far as her early childhood where she grew up in a single-room, hessian-lined shack on Government land in the Western suburbs, and takes you through her forced transition into adulthood, three marriages, multiple uninformed medical diagnosis’, electric shock therapy and, more recently, her fantastic time in the Village.

Barb has experienced much hardship in her life and has been put through things no person should ever be subjected to. This book details those experiences, and shows you how she came out the other side.

Aptly titled The Triumph of Hope Over Despair, Barb’s novella is available for purchase at the Peninsula Villages reception and is sure to give you a new-found appreciation for one of our favourite residents.