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Peninsula Villages Nurse Practitioner wins national LASA Award

Peninsula Villages’ Claire Abbott has received top honours at the aged care industry’s biggest event of the year - the Leading Age Services Australia (LASA) Excellence in Age Services Awards for her role as Nurse Practitioner at the Umina Beach aged care village.

The LASA Excellence in Age Services Awards promote and recognise excellence across the diverse and dynamic fields of endeavour in the age services industry, and celebrate the passion and achievements of organisations, teams and individuals in the service of older Australians.

After winning the NSW & ACT Individual Award earlier this year, Claire was invited to LASA’s National Congress in Adelaide alongside other state winners, where she was awarded one of the evening’s highest honours - the 2018 Outstanding Individual Award.

“It is with a great sense of personal achievement and pride that I can facilitate tailored, person-centred health and clinical care to the residents who allow me the privilege to help achieve their health goals,” said Ms Abbott.

“When I first started my career as an assistant in nurse, I never dreamed I would be recognised on a national scale for my role working with older aged people. I have been highly fortunate for the opportunities and people I have met throughout my career, and I would like to thank those who have had a positive influence and have taught me the art of nursing,” added Ms Abbott.

Shane Neaves, Chief Executive Officer of Peninsula Villages said, “Our organisation is extremely proud of Claire for the work she does for our residents.

“To be recognised as the most outstanding individual in Australia’s aged care industry is an honour that I’m sure that Claire will cherish for the rest of her life. Claire is an integral member of our organisation and has improved the lives of our residents through her innovative approach to aged care,” said Shane.

Claire Abbott and Shane Neaves - edit2

Peninsula Villages is one of only a few aged care facilities to have a full-time Nurse Practitioner on-site. With the Peninsula region currently experiencing an aged care GP crisis, Claire’s presence has allowed Peninsula Villages to continue to offer high care to residents needing ongoing or one-off care.

“The commitment and care that Claire shows to our residents is evidence enough why she is deserving of this award. Her contributions to making our organisation a leader in our field is second to none,” added Mr Neaves.