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Residents renew vows at Village

76 year old Peninsula Village resident Peter Harris and his 81 year old wife Veronica have lived a wonderful life so far with 53 years of their lives dedicated to each other, having married back in August of 1965. To celebrate their love and journey of more than five decades, this golden couple decided to renew their vows on Sunday at the local retirement village where they have lived for just over four months.

Peter and Veronica renewed their vows with a special family ceremony held on the grounds of Peninsula Village at Umina Beach, reinstating the same vows they first spoke to each other when they originally married on 28 August 1965.

The happy couple said the reasoning behind the renewal of their vows was as simple as love, and an eagerness to share this with fellow residents and family.

“We love each other and felt it was a good thing to do while our family and friends were all able to join us and share the occasion,” explained Peter.

“As long as we are together that is all that matters,” said Veronica.

After 53 years of marriage a lot has changed for the couple, including the birth of two

children, the arrival of four grandchildren and ample passport stamps collected from their travels abroad.

It is with confidence and enthusiasm Peter and Veronica say their love for one another has

remained steadfast and blissful in what is undoubtedly, their greatest adventure yet.

“We love to travel and this has been a huge part of our lives together having travelled to England, Singapore, New Zealand, Thailand as well as various spots across Australia,” said Peter.

“Our secret to marriage isn’t anything unique, we have lived a great life together but also remained strong and supportive of one another through the hard times,” said Veronica.

“I would say that we have lived by the common saying ‘happy wife, happy life’,” laughed Peter.


Attracted to the fantastic care provided by friendly staff and the relaxed, social atmosphere of Peninsula Villages, Peter and Veronica made the move to become residents in May this year.

“We met at a party in Paddington back in 1963 and two years later we married. Peter became a teacher and then Principal and I worked in various office roles before working in administration at a school in Sydney where I stayed until I retired,” said Veronica.

“While we spent most of our lives in Rosebery, we finally realised it was time that we needed to be supported with additional care and chose Peninsula Villages’ Don Leggett House where we live together,” she added.

Peter and Veronica Harris are one of many couples who reside at Peninsula Villages, where despite having their own rooms, live steps from one another under the same roof. Sharing meals, laughs, regular activities and social excursions, this couple are really showing what love is all about, no matter the age.