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Twiddle muffs are the fidget spinners of Peninsula Villages

Move over fidget spinners, twiddle muffs are the latest craze at Peninsula Villages after a generous donation of 50 tactile woollen hand muffs from the Forresters Beach craft group earlier this year. These hand muffs, known as ‘twiddle muffs’, can help patients keep their hands occupied, relieving anxiety which is commonly associated with Alzheimer's, arthritis and dementia.

Fidget spinners, initially pitched at children with ADHD and autism, have made their way into schools across the globe and now hand-crafted twiddle muffs are taking the residential aged care provider by storm.

Peninsula Villages was thrilled to receive the donation, with a huge number of residents within our memory care units making use of the muffs on a regular basis. Not only are residents loving them but staff are noticing the huge benefits. The decorations on the outside feature pom poms, buttons, tassels and different woollen textures, offering residents a tangible, reassuring object to keep their hands busy.

Shane Neaves, Chief Executive Officer of Peninsula Villages said, “For residents within our memory care units with signs of Alzheimer's, arthritis or dementia, twiddle muffs offer a great way to promote movement and brain function.

“Residents find these tactile hand muffs comforting and relaxing as they help to ease their agitation by giving them something to do with their hands,” he continued.

“The bright colours and varied textures of the twiddle muffs provide a unique, sensory experience for residents who may not be responding well to traditional support strategies.


“Many dementia patients are set in their daily habits and any disruption from their routine can cause them to become very stressed, resulting in restless hands. Twiddle muffs provide great comfort to these residents, helping relieve their anxiety.

“We would like to thank Forresters Beach craft group for providing us with these wonderful woolly creations which are already improving the lives of so many of our residents,” concluded Shane.