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The benefits of music for stroke recovery

We know that music has many benefits but a recent study has affirmed that using music to learn a physical task significantly develops an important part of the brain and could aid in the recovery of strokes.

People who practised a basic movement to music showed “increased structural connectivity” between the regions of the brain that process sound and control movement, the University of Edinburgh research shows.

The findings, published in the medical journal Brain & Cognition, showed that brain wiring enables cells to communicate with each other. Experts say the study could have positive implications for future research into rehabilitation for patients who have lost some degree of movement control.

Dr Katie Overy, who led the research team, said, “The study suggests that music makes a key difference. We have long known that music encourages people to move.

"This study provides the first experimental evidence that adding musical cues to learning new motor task can lead to changes in white matter structure in the brain.”

Peninsula Villages recently launched a range of Creative Arts Experience activities that are offered to residents in addition to the regular schedule of social events and outings. These Additional Services have been designed to encourage engagement and socialisation, spark creativity and enhance cognitive skills. More importantly, they’ve also been designed with our residents in mind.

Participating in the creative arts, whether it be singing in a choir, participating in dance, art or music therapy or even drumming, can have a profound impact on an individual’s overall wellbeing and quality of life.


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Source - Aged Care Insite